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Small Sushi Platter - Catering
Delray Beach



6 classic sushi rolls, 12 assorted sushi and 3 signature rolls classic rolls 

Choice of classic roles : 
- CALIFORNIA ROLL - Kani, cucumber, avocado and masago (I/O, SS, FF)
- TUNA ROLL - Tuna (S/O)
- VEGETABLE ROLL - Asparagus, carrots, kampyo, spinach, avocado (I/O, SS)
- JB ROLL - Salmon, cream cheese, scallions (I/O, SS)
- SALMON SKIN ROLL- Crispy salmon skin, scallions and cucumber (I/O, SS)
- SALMON ROLL - Salmon (S/O) 
- SPICY TUNA ROLL - Minced tuna, kimchee sauce and scallions (I/O, SS)
- HAMACHI ROLL - Hamachi and scallions (S/O)
- SPICY KANI ROLL - Kani and spicy mayo (I/O, SS)
- EEL ROLL - Baked eel and cucumber (I/O, SS)
- KANI ROLL - Kani (S/O)
- KAPPA ROLL - Cucumber (S/O)
- AVOCADO ROLL - Avocado (S/O)

Sushi Choice:
Kani, tamago, escolar, salmon, shrimp, tuna, hamachi, wahoo or eel. 

Signature Rolls Choice: 
Signature Rolls Choice: 
- RAINBOW ROLL - Kani, cucumber and avocado topped with assorted fish (I/O)
- NEMO ROLL - minced spicy tuna, cucumber, wrapped with soy paper topped with popcorn shrimp, masago and micro shiso
- MY UNAGI ROLL - cucumber, tamago, topped with baked eel and sesame seeds
- DIRTY OLD MAN ROLL - california roll topped I/O topped with spicy tuna
- POKE ROLL - spicy salmon, onions, cucumbers topped with avocado, cilantro, ikura and salmon skin
- FANTASY ROLL - salmon, cream cheese, scallions, deep fried and topped with spicy kani and sesame seeds
- GREEN DRAGON ROLL - shrimp tempura, cream cheese, asparagus I/O and topped with avocado
- RED DRAGON ROLL - shrimp tempura, cream cheese with tuna and avocado on top
- SEX ON THE MOON ROLL - shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, scallions, eel, masago, sesame seeds, topped with tuna and tempura flakes I/O
- TSUNAMI ROLL - spicy tuna, scallions, masago, sesame seeds, topped with blue crab and spicy mayo I/O
- HURRICANE ROLL - spicy yellowtail, asparagus and jalapenos topped with spicy tuna, avocado and tempura flakes
- BEST BUDS - tuna, yellowtail and cucumber wrapped in soy paper and topped with spicy salmon, masago, scallions and kimchee sauce
- DANCING EEL ROLL - kani, avocado and cucumber topped with baked eel and sesame seed
- TWIN DEVIL ROLL - spicy tuna, tempura flakes topped with fresh tuna, jalapeno and kimchee sauce
- FIRECRACKER - salmon, avocado, deep fried and topped with spicy tuna, jalapeno, masago and eel sauce

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